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Comic #89

Comic Note

This has become my new favorite treat from McDonalds, and it was recommended to me by my lovely roommate, Matthew Arch.

Here's the appropriate steps to make the perfect McGangBang:

-Order one McDouble ($1.00), ask for no onions.
-Order one Hot 'n Spicy McChicken ($1.00), plain
----Note: In San Antonio, the McChicken only comes in Hot 'n Spicy. Locations may very.
-Take the McDouble, and split it in half between the two patties of meat. Usually this is where the cheese is, so be careful not to rip the burger patties when separating.
-Place the Hot 'n Spicy McChicken patty in the center, reassemble.
-Take a bite like a man (or lady), and enjoy.
-Finally, take the extra buns from the McChicken and give them to the birds as a way of saying thanks. Trust me, the bread is terrible by itself.

If everyone does exactly what is shown in the comic, the McGangBang will surely be added to the McDonalds lineup, and it's the best meal you can get at McDonalds for only $2.00 plus tax.

Recommended sides: Fries and a large iced Sweet Tea.

Sure to be Ban'd by Fred Wood. Complaints should be sent to fred.t.wood@gmail.com.